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Hi, I Am Katie Hale

As a child, my family showed love by sharing great food, and that history lived on in me with my own family. As a teen, I delved into the world of cooking and fell in love with creating new and updated classics. From that first chocolate chip cookie to a prime rib roast, I have explored and discovered that my love of food has only grown.

Here I will share with you more delicious recipes along with some great cooking tips, hacks, and my favorite tools. That includes sharing my latest cookbooks and where you can find me on the web for more delicious recipes.

Born and raised in Arkansas but now residing in Michigan, I bring my history of classic Southern cooking to the Midwest comfort foods to create a plethora of delicious flavors you can duplicate in your kitchen.

While cooking is my passion, I am also a wife, mother, bonus mom, and a Nana. When not in the kitchen, I enjoy spending time with my family, on the beaches of Lake Michigan, watching movies, or reading true crime novels.

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